Role: Ecommerce manager

Company: GEARUP

E-commerce vacancy Gearup is a fast paced company specializing in the sporting goods industry, looking for a full-time E-Commerce Specialist that will be based in our headquarters in the Attika area. The tasks involve leading and managing the day-to-day sales and functions of the company's website, working closely on generating revenue streams while improving the current ones while improving the online customer experience. 

eCommerce Manager Responsibilities and Duties:  

• Work with the Digital Marketing Director  to define the goals, strategy and tactics of gearup e-commerce initiatives  

• Grow and manage online sales by working closely with sales, operations and marketing to meet revenue and growth targets 

 • Daily coordination with operations for inventory availability, order status, and product lead times  

• Plan and implement promotions  

• Assist management with special online programs  

• Ensure revenue growth and SEO optimization. 

• Build strategies designed to drive traffic to website.  

• Write and edit product content that will be published on e-Commerce websites/portals.  

• Set standards, systems and best practices for new product listings and maintenance.  

• Work closely with different teams (product management, creative, sales) to provide updated content that will be shared across e-Commerce platforms.  

• Provide support in other areas of Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, SEO, Keyword Research, Google Analytics, Website UX, and Paid Social Media. 

 • Be a subject matter expert to assigned product categories.  

• Identify SEO best practices regarding inventory, pre-orders, and pricing policies.  

• Monitor changes in product sales by using web analytics and Excel spreadsheets (pivot tables, vlookups, etc) to stay organized.  

• Ability to multitask and meet deadlines while maintaining attention to detail.  

• Design and prepare reports for all e business metrics for various online platforms and achieve all growth objectives and develop all enhancements.  

• Design and execute all features of the roadmap for all equipments and strategic business units and prepare reports to be presented to key stakeholders and interpret all data in coordination with business leaders.  

• Administer all eBusiness activities and incorporate best practices in order  to design effective strategies and assist internet team to implement all department strategy and analyze all information and recommend improvements to all customer processes.  

• Manage various internal data sources and web analytics tools to enhance customer experience and assist to increase the web presence of company and monitor all websites and recommend changes required.  

• Coordinate with key information owners to ensure delivery of all internal resources on time and manage all website data to ensure accuracy of customer postings and recommend exclusive plans for all key customers to promote ecommerce.  

• Analyze all ecommerce transactions on site and recommend improvements to enhance customer experience and assist all external partners and provide support to all associate activities and monitor all site issues and assist in resolution of same.  

• Develop and supervise all activities and plans for various ecommerce projects.  

• Assist all internal parties to understand product deliverables and provide support to all activities on ecommerce platforms and ensure high level of customers satisfaction at all times.  

• Analyze online experience of users and recommend improvements, assess effectiveness of all key metrics and monitor all vendor service level agreements to ensure optimal quality of services to customer.  

• Coordinate and improve all market strategies and incorporate latest technology with the aim to provide optimization in product search.  

• Prepare and execute plans for the ecommerce infrastructure team for all sites.  

• Coordinate with the internal team and provide support to all online marketing strategies and prioritize projects and recommend ways to increase traffic to website with incorporation of best tools and assist to maximize revenue.  

• Prepare reports and maintain track of all activities on websites, perform tests and assist in all website conversation and recommend improvements in strategies to increase customer retention and design site content.  

• Maintain optimal level of customer services at all times and ensure simplicity in services and ensure compliance to all legal requirements and monitor all online channels.  

• Administer an effective website strategy and develop and maintain effective relationships with all web designers and programmers and implement all social media strategies and implement all marketing campaigns and prepare all newsletters.  

• Supervise all newsletter performance and design various strategies to increase sales and monitor all performance reports on a weekly basis and manage all new product launch calendar. 


• Qualified candidates will possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college or university or field relevant for successful performance of the essential functions of this job description.  

• Minimum of 3+ years experience in a fast-paced, e-Commerce business.

• A good understanding of ecommerce cms platforms.   

•Understanding of core concepts of digital growth such as SEO, SEM, email marketing.

• Hands-on experience in managing and maintaining e-Commerce websites/portals.  

• Excellent Knowledge of various platforms and online sales strategies and can be used to conduct digital sales or website conversions.  

• Excellent knowledge of UX/UI optimization for ecommerce and a keen eye to detail.  

• Excellent communication and collaboration skills.  

• Very Good English in speaking, reading and writing.  

• Knowledge of the e-Commerce space that includes marketing strategies, product development, competitive strategies, consumer research, industry trends and usability best practices.  

• Analytical and multitasking skills.  

• Superior organizational and analysis/reporting skills with keen attention to detail and quality  

• Demonstrated strong and effective verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills  

• Must be team-oriented, possess a positive attitude and work well with others  

• Ability to prioritize and multi-task in a flexible, fast paced and challenging environment  

 • Must be detail-oriented and can work proactively and effectively with minimal supervision 



Real opportunities for rapid advancement


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